Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications World Highest Performance Wideband Antennas for 100% Connectivity & Reliability Our portfolio includes FTS antenna ILS antenna DME Antenna ADS-B Antenna dual polarized log periodic antenna, ultra wide band coaxial dipole, multi band antenna, aviation band antenna, fiberglass collinear antenna, HF broadband multi wire antenna, defense antenna, tactical radio relay antenna, HF broadband vertical conical monopole, marine band antenna, shipboard antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, FM band antenna, ultra wide band discone antenna, terrestrial microwave antenna, DME antenna, transponder antenna, grid parabolic antenna, stacked dipole array, log periodic dipole array, directional yagi antenna, satellite tracking earth station antenna, jammer antenna, side mount dipole, LHCP RHCP helical antenna, circular polarized antenna, spiral antenna, dual stacked array, quad stacked array, broadband ground plane antenna and wide band vehicle mount antenna Antenna Experts an ISO/OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management Systems (SMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications

Antenna Systems manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with RoHS2, REACH and WEEE compliant
Antenna Experts an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
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Technical Research & Development

Technical Research & Development

At Antenna Experts, we believe our research and development department to be the most important part of our business. We are focused on providing effective and long-lasting solutions to our customer's requirements, which we consider to be a key element of a capable manufacturer.

Antenna engineering is a wonderful field to work in because of its renewed diversity. This is particularly true in space: antennas are key to the success of most space missions which generally require extremely specific and complex antennas. In this context, excepted maybe for generic modeling and test techniques where there can be some R&D continuity, innovation is constantly needed to meet new antenna mission requirements and the success of antenna R&D is not easily predictable.

Our technical staff have many years combined experience of antenna design, and are dedicated to providing excellent solutions to the demanding requirements of a product which will provide years of continuous service in harsh environments.

Antenna Experts has pioneered the use of geometry-based antenna design and development to deliver antenna technology that reduces antenna size, enables multi-band operation, and improves antenna performance. Antenna Experts employs an experienced and highly qualified team of antenna design engineers committed to continual development of our antenna technology and the commercialization of ground-breaking antenna innovation.

In it pursue to innovating and developing the most advanced techniques and apply them to future technologies, Antenna Experts is constantly working on new ideas. Research is always among the primary focuses of the company in order to stay at the forefront of technology.

With almost 30 years experience designing in a variety of antenna product lines, Antenna Experts has developed a solid reputation and takes considerable pride in the innovations its engineers are able to develop.

As the leader of the antenna manufacturing industry, Antenna Experts has been dedicated to development of various next-generation technologies, whilst offering customized antenna solutions to accommodate our clients rapidly increasing demand for miniaturization and sleek designs. Committed to both effectiveness and efficiency of antenna functionality and physical integrity, we are utilizing all our resources to maintain leading manufacturing capabilities.

Antenna Experts also has reliable internal power since our working processes cover full sectors from engineering to mass production phases. Backed up by quality, cost, and timeliness advantages, Antenna Experts responds to customer projects with utmost speed. Our strength allows us to perform faster during engineering development sectors and consume less time cost than market standard cycling time.

Antenna Experts realise that communications infrastructures can often require a non-standard product, which is one of our key abilities to retain a flexible approach to antenna design enabling us to produce non-standard and special antennas and antenna systems. We are always confident that we can provide you with the most cost effective solution to your requirements.

As a professional RF antenna manufacturer, Antenna Experts R&D team have developed a wide range of off- the- shelf standard and customized antenna solutions. Our focus is aimed at total customer satisfaction, highest quality and yet cost effective antenna products. Our customized RF antenna enables of RF transmitters, RF receivers and RF transceiver applications.

Antenna Experts engineers are expertise in electromagnetic, RF design and antenna systems. Antenna Experts is group of engineers whose experience covers all aspects of RF and antenna engineering from theory, through design and development, to fabrication and testing.

Antenna Experts currently offer antenna solutions from HF, VHF and UHF. If you are interested in learning more about our antennas products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Most of the product line is contained in this website, however if you cannot find the right solution for your requirements, please contact us for a unique design for your specific and customized requirements.

High Gain TETRA Antenna
Manpack Jammer Antenna
FTS Antenna
ILS Antenna
Dual Polarized LP Antenna
RCIED Jammer Antenna
Log Periodic Dipole Antenna
Fiber Glass Collinear Antenna
Quadrifilar Helix Antenna
Grid Parabolic Antenna
High Gain Helical Antenna
Tactical Radio Relay Antenna
High Gain ATC Antenna
Wide Band Discone Antenna
Military Vehicular Antenna
Wind Profiler Radar Antenna
UHF Satcom Ground Antenna
Military Log Periodic Antenna
High Gain DME Antenna
UAV Anti Drone Antenna
Military Discone Antenna
Military SATCOM Antenna
Naval Shipboard Antenna
High Gain ADS-B Antenna
High Gain Marine Antenna
Cavity Backed Spiral Antenna
High Gain Horn Antenna
Signal Intelligence Antenna
Surveillance Antenna
Electronic Warfare Antenna
Ground To Air Antenna
FM Broadcast Antenna
Military Tactical Antenna
GPS Jammer Anti-Jam Antenna
Stacked Dipole Array
HF Band Dipole Antenna
Multi Band Antenna
Glide Path/Slope Antenna
HF Vertical Conical Antenna
High Gain Yagi Antenna
Dual Stacked Yagi Antenna
Quad Stacked Yagi Antenna
Circular Polarized Yagi Antenna
Dual Stacked Circular Yagi
Quad Stacked Circular Yagi
Side Mount Dipole
Ground Plane Antenna
Coaxial Dipole Antenna
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