Antenna Experts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications World Highest Performance Wideband Antennas for 100% Connectivity & Reliability Our portfolio includes FTS antenna ILS antenna DME Antenna ADS-B Antenna dual polarized log periodic antenna, ultra wide band coaxial dipole, multi band antenna, aviation band antenna, fiberglass collinear antenna, HF broadband multi wire antenna, defense antenna, tactical radio relay antenna, HF broadband vertical conical monopole, marine band antenna, shipboard antenna, HF broadband dipole antenna, FM band antenna, ultra wide band discone antenna, terrestrial microwave antenna, DME antenna, transponder antenna, grid parabolic antenna, stacked dipole array, log periodic dipole array, directional yagi antenna, satellite tracking earth station antenna, jammer antenna, side mount dipole, LHCP RHCP helical antenna, circular polarized antenna, spiral antenna, dual stacked array, quad stacked array, broadband ground plane antenna and wide band vehicle mount antenna Antenna Experts an ISO/OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management Systems (SMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications

Antenna Systems manufactured by Antenna Experts are in accordance with RoHS2, REACH and WEEE compliant
Antenna Experts an ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) certified company manufactures Antennas System for SIGINT, EW, UAV, SCADA, TETRA, CNI, ATC, ILS, FTS, ADS-B, SATCOM, DME, RCIED Jamming, Surveillance, Broadcast, Radio Relay, Energy, Oil Field, Smart Grid and Agriculture applications
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C-34, Roshan Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi 110 043. India
Tel: +91 98102 05738, 99100 35738, 99580 06636,

ENQUIRY: For general enquiry, sales enquiry, price quotes and order status E-mail:

CAREERS: For career opportunities in RF field at Antenna Experts E-mail:

TECHNICAL SUPPORTS: For technical enquiry about our products E-mail:

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International Sales:

Antenna Experts sold and installed its products to more than 60 countries and territories across all seven continents including Sahara Desert and Antarctica. We didn't appoint any Exclusive Distributor/Representative for any territory. Every customer is free to purchase our products directly from us. Potential buyer can request for quotation directly to us at E-mail ID: info(at)antennaexperts(dot)in


In case if any buyer/customer is unable to buy directly from us due to any reason, please contact us for local supplier. We have various Non-Exclusive representative in various countries including USA, European Union, France, Israel, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and many more...

Stock Items:

Certain items are held in stock. Orders for stocked items will normally be dispatched within 3-5 days. Our Sales Team can confirm availability of any item depending upon the quantity required. Generally 3-5 days are required to allot the serial number by the system to the products which also contain the date code. During this period stock items are tested again agaist the published specifications and hard copy of test reports are kept with the antennas.

Ordered Items:

Antennas and Accessories not held in stock will be manufactured to your requirements. Manufacturing times may vary according to the product, quantity required and work load on factory at the time of arrival of your order. Typical lead time is 2-3 working weeks (public holidays excluded) for dispatch Ex-works, New Delhi, India. The scheduled dispatch date will be confirmed normally within 72 hours. Transits time will depend upon the method of delivery and place of destination. Please allow an adequate period before scheduling any antenna installations at site.

Priority Based Items:

For orders that require a shorter than normal delivery time, Antenna Experts offer a priority based manufactured service depending on the product and quantity. Priority Based Manufactured Service attracts an Expedited fee/charge which will be advised on request. Antenna Experts also offer customized products with or without NRE charges which are subject to type of products and customer requirements.

Placing Orders:

All Purchase Orders will be required in writing. Send your Purchase Order copy in PDF format in favor of "Antenna Experts, C-34, Roshan Vihar, Phase 1, New Delhi, India to Email ID: info(at)antennaexperts(dot)in Purchase order must be signed by authorized person. Scan copy of purchase order by return e-mail is sufficient for us so no need to send the PO by post, by courier or by Fax.

Technical Support:

For any kind of technical support on our products be it installation manual, radiation patterns, VSWR graph, gain graph or product outline drawing customer can contact directly to our Technical Support team E-mail ID: ts(at)antennaexperts(dot)in with copy to e-mail ID: info(at)antennaexperts(dot)in


Antenna Experts reserves the right not to accept any purchase order for goods which totals less than $1000.00, excluding GST and Freight. Also certain products has a tag of MOQ and the quantity of MOQ is vary from product to product. Please enquires us about the MOQ of particular product.

Mode of Payment:

Payment only by wire transfer (T/T) is acceptable. Other mode of payment like credit card, PayPal, western union are not allowed by our Government against the exported goods. However customer who go through our Non-Exclusive representative are free to pay via any mode of payment including credit/debit card and cheque to our authorized Representative, allowed by their local Government.

Product/Part Number:

Please use the correct "Part Number" to identify the products you require when preparing an order. This will eliminate the potential for any errors and assist us in speedy processing of your order. Part number appeared in our website. Your purchase order must bear a PO number either numeric or alfa-numeric (minimum 2 digits and maximum 16 digits) so that same can be accepted by our systems.

Specific Freq. Tunning:

For any antennas and accessories built for specific frequencies, we will require your Transmit and Receive frequencies or "Frequency of Operation" (Tx and Rx) to appear in writing on your purchase order. The performance of your RF product will be optimized accordingly. Please take note of the product's frequency range and bandwidth limitations which are appeared on Technical Specification Sheets. If you require any clarification regarding frequency and bandwidth capabilities, please contact us.

Shipping Mode:

Antenna Experts have negotiated competitive rates with our main freight carriers FedEx and in order to deliver to all destinations around Globe using the fastest and most economical services available. A street address with postal/zip code is required for delivery, not a post office box. The name of contact person along with his/her telephone number are also required for generating the FedEx AWB. Customer can also opt for Non-FedEx custom broker at their destination to get the shipment custom cleared with their own custom clearance broker. We will dispatch via our FedEx account, unless you instruct us otherwise. Of course, we will let you know the estimated FedEx shipping cost for your potential shipment. Customer who maintain an account with FedEx are also welcome. We will be happy to use customer FedEx account to ship the customer shipment. Customers can certainly nominate their own preferred freight carrier if they wish. Simply provide us the details.

Check Upon Arrival:

When goods arrive at their destination, before signing the delivery docket, it is the customer's responsibility to check that all items are present and in good condition. If anything is found to have been damaged in transit, or is missing, make appropriate notes on the delivery docket prior to signing.If this is not done, then any subsequent insurance claim will be rejected. Antenna Experts will not take any responsibility for uninsured goods or insured products signed for as being received in good order and condition, but later found to be damaged or missing. Please instruct your staff accordingly prior to the arrival of goods.


Antenna Experts warrants that all goods sold to the Buyer will be free of defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Antenna Experts for a period of 2 years from the date of Invoice for items falls in Non-Military products list; and 1 year from the date of Invoice for all items falls in Military product list. Within the warranty period the defective part(s) will be replaced or repaired free of cost including return freight pre-paid. The freight for any items returned under warranty to Antenna Experts must be arranged and paid by the buyer. Kindly take prior approval from us before sending back the defective part(s). Return freight for the replacement shipment/part will be paid by us.


Antenna Experts is an ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certified company. Customers can request us if they need copies of these certificates. All our products are RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant. Our large size grid/dish parabolic antennas are FCC compliant. Customer can also request to supply the CoC and CoO along with the shipment.


Antenna Experts reserves the right to alter product specifications, pricing and availability at any time without any notice.

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Military Log Periodic Antenna
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