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 Model SAT-225-400CL 225-400 MHz. 6dBic & 3dBil Gain 


Design Features The SAT-225-400CL is a dual mode UHF line-of-sight (LOS) and UHF SATCOM antenna which is ideal for SATCOM On-The-Move (SOTM) operation. The line of sight antenna is used for communicating with satellites low on the horizon. SAT-225-400CL can be used with most tactical Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Receivers (MBMMR), as well as all airborne and ground transceivers that accept 50 ohm antenna impedance.

The Antenna can be connected to two radios to provide two simultaneous SATCOM Satellite high angle coverage and standard LOS - Line-Of-Sight low angle air-to-air or air-to-ground communications.

SAT-225-400CL antenna combines the features of a two-port dual function high angle (RHCP) and low angle (Linear - Vertical) antenna system that is suitable for installation on vehicular, shipboard and ground shelter applications. No diplexer or switching is required.

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range225-400 MHz.
Gain6dBic & 3dBil
PolarizationRHCP & Vertical
Input Impedance50 Ohms
Radiation PatternOmni
VSWR - Equal To or Better Then1:2 & 1:3
RF Power Handling Capacity200 Watts & 100 Watts
Input TerminationN-Female & TNC-Female

Mechanical Specifications:
Antenna Materials6063T6 Aluminum
Mounting Hardware -MaterialsMarine Grade Stainless Steel
Wind Rating180 Km/Hr.
Overall Length600 mm
Gross Weight3.5 Kgs.

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temperature(-) 30 to +70 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature(-) 40 to +80 Degrees Celsius
Humidity0 to 95% RH