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 Model AH-5500 5100 - 5900 MHz 16 dBic Gain 


Design Features: The AH-5500 uses extended stubs to provide the greater gain while maintaining the wider beam-width. This high-gain low-profile antennas use Circular Polarization Antenna Technology - which delivers better penetration through obstruction and interference. This commercial grade antenna provides superior performance as compare to significantly larger and more expensive products. Our AH series helical antennas are smaller than conventional yagi antenna. The AH-5500 Helical Antenna is supplied with a specially designed mounting arrangement for steering the antenna in both planes, over 360 Degrees in Azimuth and 90 Degrees in Elevation for terrestrial and satellite links.

Constructions: The AH-5500, like all our AH series helical antennas, utilizes circular polarization to minimize the effects of multipath interference. Both Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) and Left Hand Circular Polarized (LHCP) helical antenna models are available. The AH-5500 Helical Antenna is light weight, broadband and rugged helical antennas, supplied with ABS radome to protect the antenna from environment. Cylindrical enclosure is used for low wind loading and for minimal effect of ice formation on the helical antenna operation as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For higher gain requirement, the Helical antenna can be supplied in DUAL stacked or QUAD stacked arrays with suitable power splitter/combiner cable harness.

Electrical Specifications:
Frequency Range5100 - 5900 MHz
Gain16 dBic
Bandwidth5.1-5.9 GHz
Antenna TypeHelix
PolarizationCircular RHCP or LHCP
Input Impedance50 Ohms
Radiation PatternDirectional
Horizontal Beamwidth -Half Power Points28+/-2 Degrees Typical
Front to Back Ratio18+/-1 dB. Typical
VSWR - Equal To or Better Then1.5:1
RF Power Handling Capacity150 Watts.
Input TerminationN-Female

Mechanical Specifications:
Antenna Materials6063T6 Aluminium, Copper, ABS
Mounting Hardware -MaterialsStainless Steel
Wind Rating200 Km/Hr.
Overall Length300 mm
Shipping Length350 mm
Radiating MaterialHigh Quality Copper
Maximum Mount Pipe Diameter 25.4 mm (1 Inches)
Radome MaterialHigh Strength ABS
Radome Outer Diameter45 mm
Gross Weight< 1 Kg.

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temperature(-) 30 to +70 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature(-) 40 to +80 Degrees Celsius
Humidity0 to 95% RH